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Trendy Or Timeless?

When considering formal wear for your wedding, are you thinking of going for that timeless look? Or perhaps you want to go along with the current trends. Our advice; don't pick out the next Dumb and Dumber look! We'll give you tips and reasons why choosing timeless over trendy is the way to go every time.


It's so tempting to stay hip with the times and choose formal wear that's currently in style, but when you look back on pictures, you'll look like this...

Or this...

Whether you enjoy Miami Vice or not, we can all agree that this flamingo pink number, or the white with black pinstripe lapel "classic" with ruffled shirt above, is not something you want as a permanent part of your most memorable day. Not to mention the powdered blue tuxedo with the ruffled shirt ensemble that is displayed in photo albums across the nation.

As easy as it may be to go along with the times, there's a reason it's called a "trend"; it will constantly develop and change. If you want to stand out on your big day, don't think about trends that change, think timeless elegance.


Picking classic formal wear for your wedding party is more simple than you think. In fact, that's the key; keep it simple.

Start by keeping your formal wear black; black will always look great in pictures and its elegance won't change with the trends. Also, make sure to keep your pants matching; the old white-jacket-black-pant combination was a trend that should have stayed in the 70's Bond films. Along with the uniformity, the jacket should have two buttons with a notch lapel to keep it classy.

When it comes to the neck tie or bow tie, make sure to keep it conservative; nothing flashy or excessive. The bow tie and vest should also stay uniform to each other, as the jacket and pants should stay uniform to each other. If you choose white, keep both the bow tie and vest white and if you choose black, both the bow tie and vest should be black.

Accessories, although optional, are also an important timeless addition to consider. Silver and black cuff links and studs pair well with the classic black and white color combination. Patent black leather shoes finish your look to keep you stylish, classy, and timeless.

Formal Wear Shops

One last thing to keep in mind when looking for your formal wear is to make sure you find a formal wear shop that guides you and keeps your best interests in mind. Many shops will be negligent in their guidance for the sake of making profit. You'll want to make sure that the formal wear shop you choose is honest and informative to make sure you get your timeless look without being taken advantage of.

The benefit of choosing Lorenzo's as your shop is that their 35 years of family run formal wear services has proven consistency in honesty and proper guidance with your best interests kept in mind. Keep in mind that whatever look you decide to create for your wedding is individualistic and completely in your hands. While we've given tips for a timeless look, Lorenzo's inventory supports a variety of cuts and styles to make your big day memorable no matter what. Regardless of where you get your formal wear, follow our simple tips for a timeless look that'll last a lifetime.

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