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Everything You Need to Know About Custom- Made Suits

Custom-made suits are an important part to putting your best foot forward. With a worthwhile investment comes a duty to look into the different components carefully in order to get the best quality for your money. The term "custom-made" is inclusive of two types of hand-made suits; bespoke and made-to-measure. Along with making sure you're aware of the differences between bespoke and made-to-measure, it's also important to understand how a custom-made suit is made as well as the benefits of going with a custom-made suit versus off-the-rack options. Making yourself aware of all of these components to a custom-made suit will ensure that your investment will be one that lasts.

Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure

Bespoke and made-to-measure are both types of custom-made suits, however, there are slight differences that are important to keep in mind.


Made-to-measure suits will use an existing pattern from which the tailor will adjust any aspects necessary in order to fit the measurements of the individual. There will also be various options that the individual could choose from to customize it; fabrics, cut, style, etc.

Bespoke suits are made with a new pattern for each individual. There are several fittings along the way in order for the tailor to make proper adjustments. Unlike made-to-measure suits, the individual can customize every part along the way with no need to be confined to the options that existing patterns offer.


Made-to-measure suits start with an initial fitting in order to adjust the pattern that is chosen according to the measurements taken of the individual. There is also a final fitting after the suit is made, however, there aren't fittings as the suit is being made unless there need to be adjustments.

Bespoke suits include the initial and final fittings as well, although, there are fittings throughout the entire process as the suit is being made. This ensures the quality of your suit will be high due to the precision the tailor is able to produce.


Made-to-measure suits will usually have fewer fabric suppliers, therefore, limiting the fabric options available for your custom-made suit.

Bespoke suits usually have upwards of five times the amount of fabric suppliers as made-to-measure suits do. The fabric options are much more vast and available for customization.

Overall, made-to measure suits provide customization options at a more affordable rate than bespoke suits. That being said, given the higher rate of bespoke suits, there are more options for fabrics and the pattern is made from scratch. There are pros and cons to each type of custom-made suit, you'll just have to look at your options and decide what's best for you.

Click the link below to watch an informative video on the differences between made-to-measure and bespoke.

Benefits of Custom-Made Suits

1) The first benefit to investing in a custom-made suit is the fit. Fit is the most important element of a wardrobe as you want to pick clothing that not only flatters your body type but also allows you to present yourself in a classy, professional manner. While off-the-rack options may have your size, nothing will fit you properly like a custom-made suit.

2) The next benefit of investing in a custom-made suit is the quality of the materials used. With a custom-made suit, you can choose the fabric as well as receive personalized adjustments instead of gambling with off-the-rack options. Off-the-rack options favors quantity over quality and that is why they run cheaper than custom-made suits; cheaper price means cheaper materials.

3) Customization is another benefit of custom-made suits because you get your choice of fabric, design, color and style throughout the entire process. Choosing suits off-the-rack may have designs that peak your interest, but nothing will show off your individuality like a custom-made suit.

4) A large percentage of people would prefer to steer clear of shopping for suits. Although prices may be cheap, the frustrations of stores running out of your size, not having the design you want in stock, or having to search multiple locations only to come up empty handed is more hassle than it's worth. With a custom-made suit, most of the work is left up to the tailor, all you have to do is go in a couple of times to get measured and pick your options.

5) Lastly, since custom-made suits are made with quality materials and the proper time is put into the production of the suit, it's made to last. Off-the-rack suits are made to sell cheap in mass production instead of focusing on the quality, that's why they don't last as long. When it comes to investing in a custom-made suit, one of the most important benefits is that you'll get the most for your money with a suit that'll last.

How to Spot a Quality Suit Video Link

The Gentleman's Gazette is a YouTube channel that discusses classic men's clothing and timeless style that focuses on quality. They also provide videos on how to tie a bow tie, differences in cheap and expensive dress shirts, and wedding attire. The video link below reveals how to spot a quality bespoke suit. The Gentleman's Gazette will give easy to look for clues on whether or not a suit is bespoke or cheaply machine made. This video will also enlighten you on the process of how a bespoke suit is made.

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