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Renting Vs. Buying; Tuxedos & Suits

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Arguably the most essential part of the wedding planning process is the attire of the wedding party. That being said, it's important to consider all of the options available, including whether renting or buying the tuxedos and suits being used is the best choice. Below are some helpful tips and suggestions that will guide you in your decision making process.

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What's Your Budget?

The first thing to consider is what makes sense for your budget. If you're considering a purchase, ask yourself how often your fiancé might be able to wear his tux or suit after your wedding day.

Buying a tux can be more cost-effective than renting if he plans to wear it two or more times, either as a best man or groomsman in another wedding, or to any black-tie affair. If your fiancé prefers the look of a suit instead, a suit purchase is likely going to be more practical, especially if he will be wearing it weekly to work or at other events.

Renting may be easier on the wallet if he anticipates wearing his wedding-day tux or suit only once. Plus, you can save money on accessories (shirt, shoes, tie, cufflinks, etc.), as they are often built into the rental package.


When deciding on your groom's attire, another key factor to consider is the type of event you are having. Formal or casual? Day or evening? Ballroom or barn? Take into account the groom's preferred style — is he comfortable in formal attire, or would he be more confident in something casual? Plus, what will complement your wedding dress better? 

Buying is a great option if you want your groom to stand out in a look that is timeless, yet all his own. Classic black or navy can be worn year-round and will always be in fashion; add personalized cufflinks and other accessories to up his game.

On the other hand, renting is a good way to take advantage of the season's trendiest colors, fabrics and patterns; and, you can ensure your groom and groomsmen match to perfection. For the ultimate bridal party fashion statement, Lorenzo's Formal Wear styles and colors easily coordinate with bridesmaid dresses following any style. Especially if your bridesmaids are utilizing Lorenzo's full service tailor shop.


When considering fit, renting and buying serve different purposes.

Renting a tuxedo or suit should be sufficient if your groom is a standard size and won't require many alterations. This option will also allow for less restraint on your budget which means you'll have more styles to choose from.

Buying a tuxedo or suit ensures that your man will be looking and feeling his best in measurements that are customized to him. Slim, Sleek, and Sharp, he will be ready to rock any event in a tuxedo or suit that not only fits him properly but will match the style of any event. It's also important to note the versatility of buying a tuxedo or suit; one tuxedo or suit, multiple occasions and venues.

So, Should You Buy or Rent?

To sum it up;


-Renting can be cheaper

-You can afford a higher-end tuxedo or suit

-With so many options, you're sure to find something that suits your budget and taste

-Accessories are included


-You can tailor it to fit perfectly

-If it will be used more than once, it will pay for itself

-It's brand new

-You get to also personalize your accessories that can be worn again and again

Next Steps

Lorenzo's Formal Wear offers both options of renting or buying tuxedos and suits. With our vast array of in-house inventory, as well as our access to out-sourced tuxedos and suits, we can make sure to fulfill your idea of the perfect cut, style, and size.

Be sure to first stop at our website to view pictures, testimonials, and the services that we have to offer.

Next, give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop in at our family owned shop to schedule your try-on appointment, inquire about how we can help with your wedding planning, or look through our tuxedo and suit catalogs.

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