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Out Of Town Groomsmen

Your wedding is approaching, last minute details are being finalized, and your groomsmen are sending in their measurements for their suits or tuxedos. There's one problem, one or more of your groomsmen are out of state; how will the measurements and suits or tuxedos get to where they need to be? Luckily, if your formal wear rentals are booked through Lorenzo's, we have solutions.


Lorenzo's Formal Wear has affiliates all around the country for your groomsmen to get the proper measurements done. All you have to do is click on the "Weddings" tab on our website to find step by step instructions. There is a measurement form to print out and a store locator to find the closest affiliate near you. After you get your measurement form filled out, you can call or email us the results. If your groomsmen send their measurements to us via email, it would be helpful to have them also "cc" yourself as a precautionary method.

Tux Direct

So, now that your out of town groomsmen have sent in their measurements, how will the suits or tuxedos get to them? For a small fee, Lorenzo's will drop ship the tuxedo or suit directly to your groomsmen no matter where they are. This is an effortless way to ensure that all of your groomsmen get the formal wear that they need in a timely fashion.

That being said, it's important to keep in mind the timeline of your wedding. If you have groomsmen out of town that are using Lorenzo's tux direct, there needs to be enough time allotted in case some or all of the items do not fit properly. That way, the suit or tuxedo could be sent back and the proper garments can be returned in time for the wedding.

Lorenzo's has taken steps to take the stress off of your out of town groomsmen and provide avenues to reach them where they are. It's just another way that Lorenzo's Formal Wear proves their impeccable service doesn't end at the shop; it spreads nationwide.

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