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Measurements For Out of Town Groomsmen

As much as grooms would love the ease of having all of their groomsmen in state or nearby, it's becoming less of a reality. It can be stressful to try to find out of town groomsmen quality locations that will take the proper measurements. Then there's the time sensitivity to think about if one or all of the garments that come in don't fit correctly. The best thing to do is get the measurements done properly the first time to avoid the hassle and stress of trying to fix measurement mistakes that have been made. Don't stress! Read on to find out how to do it right the first time.

First Steps

The first step for groomsmen who have booked their formal wear rentals through Lorenzo's is to visit Lorenzo's Formal Wear website to print the measurement form and find a store nearest to them. Simply click on the "Weddings" tab for step by step instructions. Lorenzo's has over six thousand affiliates nationwide to make it easy for them to get measurements done quickly and to give everyone involved peace of mind that the measurements will be taken properly the first time.

Quick Tips

That being said, although Lorenzo's affiliates are knowledgeable and trustworthy, it's still important for each groomsmen to have an idea of the proper way to take measurements. This way, each groomsmen can be prepared should a mistake be done during the measurement taking process. We have included easy to follow pictures and instructions so that everyone can know what to expect and what to look for when getting measured.

Appropriate Measurement Techniques Overview

There are several areas that need to be measured on a groomsmen for their formal wear rental, including the following; neck, chest, overarm, pant waist, outseam, hip, and shirt sleeve.

Neck, Chest, and Overarm

Reading the tips for each specific measurement is important, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the person measuring should NOT place their fingers between the measuring tape and the body at all. If this occurs, make sure to have them remeasure correctly.

Pant Waist and Outseam

Keep in mind that the measuring tape should NOT be loose at all; tension on the tape is important. Also, if they don't ask you to remove your shoes, that is a mistake! Make sure to remove your shoes for the outseam measurement.

Hip and Shirt Sleeve

The tension of the tape also applies in this scenario, and the person measuring should stand to the side in order to get the most accurate reading. Also, when measuring the shirt sleeve, it's better for them to measure an inch longer to insure that the groomsmen won't receive a shirt that has sleeves too short.

Simple, right? Having someone take proper measurements doesn't have to be wrought with fret. Keep our tips in mind as you get measured for your formal wear and it'll get done correctly the first time. That way, no one will have to deal with the stress of receiving clothes that are too short or too baggy and have to figure out how they are going to return it in time. Through Lorenzo's, we can help take the stress off of your wedding planning and formal wear needs; we are here to help!

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